Friday, July 3, 2009

Flagrant Fiction's Hiatus

Hello Fiction Fans,

The host of this blog, Linda St.Cyr, has been busy writing, keeping up a website and submitting articles and blogs to numerous places thus Flagrant Fiction was on hiatus for a short while. Since she has found some free time and heard some great news from a wonderful writing community, she thought it was time to update Flagrant Fiction's blog.

The good news is that a new fiction anthology is about to be released to the public. Terrific stories written by authors who are on their way to becoming well-known have been compiled in a great anthology collection. Elements of the Soul is available for pre-order at a terrific price of $13 which includes shipping and handling and also a free book mark.

You can pre-order this anthology collection here at Elements of the Soul.

Some of the authors featured in this anthology are Steven Thor Gunnin, Jennifer Walker, Rissa Watkins, Jo Brielyn, Lindsay Maddox, George Kramer, Laurie Darroch-Meekis, M. Lori Motley, Susan Sosbe, Lucinda Gunnin and the foreword is written by Michelle L. Devon.

This anthology is the first in a collection of works published through Twin Trinity Media. Keep an eye on this new publisher for upcoming works of fiction and non-fiction.


  1. This showed up in my google alerts a minute ago. That picture is wild. I love it!

  2. Thanks for promoting the anthology, Linda! I can't wait to hold my copy of this baby in my hands.

    I love the look of this blog!