Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ghost Stories

Ghost stories spoken around a campfire can make us laugh, cry or scream. Flagrant Fiction's host was on the look out for a ghost story and she was genuinely surprised when she came across one that made her shiver, laugh and smile.

Gillian Taber is a writer who has been published in Neobeam, an ezine, and whose work has been purchased for an upcoming anthology, Unsent Letters. Her ghost story which is published at mixes all the right elements to make the story seem real.

Green George

The boys sat round the campfire, huddled deep in their hoods, fingers spread out to catch the warmth of the flickering flames. With only a week left 'til school, they'd been desperate to go off on their yearly summer campout. One thing after another, parents, summer jobs, vacations, had prevented the traditional trip, but it had finally come together yesterday afternoon.

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